Updated: 8th January 2020.

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MLM Companies List 2020

What is a Pyramid Scheme vs an MLM Company?

Pyramid Schemes are illegal with the main aim on Recruitment. You help these get-rich-quick from a share of your upfront money with over-priced products you commit to every month that you start storing away. They then use you to duplicate this to others for you to get your money back, with a fools-gold promise that you’ll too make a quick profit. Deception, manipulation, and urgent pressure tactics are heavily used and highly recommended.

The best MLM companies are focused on Customers. Providing high quality and better value products or services that you would naturally use and easily recommend to others like a café you love. If you wanted to share this with others you could become a distributor. If others want to do the same, you would naturally build a team over the long term and receive extra benefits and rewards for doing so.

The problem is, many so called “successful MLM gurus” are recruited by senior teams of the company who use pyramid scheme tactics that help grow their business initially but then usually fail. These MLM top leaders take their cash and move on to another pre-launch company, promising the company and you the world!

How to Avoid MLM Scams and Schemes in 2020

Due your own due diligence as if you were looking to buy the whole company. Check out at least 100 MLM companies completely and find out who’s behind it!

Don’t sign up under pressure. with things like countdown timers, 10 spots left, or calls to action like don’t miss out!

Watch out for “MLM Gurus” on video who promise you the earth and want you to be their best friend, just ask them if you can borrow their Ferrari before you join.

Beware of Gold Fever. When looking at how much you could earn in MLM, common sense and those you love can start to disappear. Focus instead of helping a few like-minded people achieve what they want and they will love you for it.

It’s bad out there but if you do the right research and you are willing to commit, learn, do and teach. You too could achieve amazing results with the right team.

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