The Best MLM Companies to Join in 2020 was researched and developed by Stuart Clark Managing Director / CEO of Umbrellarz Ltd. Stuart has researched over 700 home based businesses over the last two years.

Stuart identified five major PROBLEMS when searching for the best MLM company.

What other options do we have?

What other options do we have to create a long term passive income? Yes, you could publish a best selling book or create a popular Christmas song that is played every year to receive regular royalties. You could also create a company that employs enough staff to run itself. Or maybe you could own company shares that pays a regular dividend. Or you could buy enough properties that pays more than enough income from monthly rent.

However, if you think becoming a Solicitor or a Brain Surgeon is the answer. The problem is if they stop working they stop being paid.  However, if they are called to be in a profession surely it is better to have an additional passive income. To help survive life’s bumps in the road.     

Do your Own Due Dilligence

The lack of Due-Diligence Many people join MLM companies from a referral from a well meaning family member or friend.  Word of mouth advertising is what most companies desire as it is the lowest cost of advertising. 

However, has your friend done a thorough check and completed all the necessary due diligence about the company, the leadership, their products, the prices of the products and compensation plan. Or are they just hyped up by many false promises from their up-line.

Fear based marketing

When doing your own due diligence for the best companies to join in 2020. Don’t just rely on search engines only.

There is a prevalent marketing campaign to create enough FEAR for you NOT to join a company because some bloggers has labelled the company a SCAM. The majority of marketers use this tactic to recruit you into their own scheme. Or take your details from a lading page and sell them to other companies.

Decisions out of Desperation

Do not to make decisions out of desperation. Stuart recommends you do not make a decision to join an MLM Company because you feel desperate. Or out of a desire to earn money fast online. You are more likely to be taken in by a flashy video or persuasive words and end up joining a get-rich-quick pyramid scheme. This has made many people give up their last remaining savings or has driven people further in to debt.

Failure is an Option

Unfortunately many do fail. There are many statistics published that 97% of businesses fail. And no one can guarantee your success like you can.

Stuart Clark has researched over 700 companies and done his own due diligence and has joined the following as an independent distributor and he and his team are rewarded through compensation from the valued products and services offered and by recommending these to others with a complete understanding of all the potential risks involved.

Stuart thoroughly recommends you to do your own checks too.

Here is Stuart’s Top Three Best MLM Companies to Join in 2020

Best MLM companies to join in 2020

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